Sunday, December 15, 2019

Clean Health: Eat the Sauce

A Per Day, Keep the "Cancer" Away!

People who munch on apples, eat applesauce or drink apple juice are 27 percent less likely to develop metabolic syndrome -- a combination of health problems, such as increased blood pressure and blood-sugar levels, that can lead to heart disease and diabetes, research shows. Other studies suggest that eating apples may reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Clean Earth: Spread The Message

Leveraging Your Environmental & Social Commitments

Surveys show more U.S. citizens are joining the growing ranks of environmentally concerned consumers around the world, with high expectations that companies be good corporate citizens. As the green market grows exponentially, leveraging your environmental and social commitments will help you gain and keep market share. Being “on-message” in your marketing is crucial.

Start by sharing information with customers. Comprehensive product disclosure helps lead them through the maze of competing for product claims and educates them about the impacts of their wider consumption. Empower them to make more informed purchasing decisions--not only when it comes to your product category but in others as well.