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All professionals and owners Attention...start at home, first!

Created By Earth believes a greener workplace is the first place to begin making small changes to help the environment and create a healthier and more enjoyable place to work. Going green starts at your employee/contractors home before you even step foot into your workplace. If you practice these steps at home, it's easy to add these methods at work. This site is dedicated to the organization who want are going green, so we listed three of our favorite go green sites for home green tips.

Starting with Energy Planet! Energy Planet is plain and simple the best renewable energy directory on the web today. Beautifully laid out and with a ton of top quality sites dedicated to renewable energy, Energy Planet should be bookmarked by anyone interested in clean energy. Even the hummingbird, their logo, is pretty cool.

Our second favorite is Alternative Energy News which focuses on renewable energy technologies which is on a lot of people’s minds these days. Discovering new, environmentally friendly ways of creating energy is what this site is about. From heating your home to driving to work Alternative Energy News has the latest information and is worthy of a five-star rating.

Our third favorite is Live Green or Die is a green web directory that has three hundred related websites in its core. Their mission statement is magical, ” Our goal is simply to improve the connection between people that provide green-related information, services, and products and those that seek them.” What more can you ask from a site?

Getting Started at Work...

The workplace offers a unique opportunity to spread the green gospel. But putting more on your plate at work may not sound like much fun, but have you ever thought that going green on the job might make your workday a little easier, and a lot healthier? It's true! The following information is from Planet Earth from Discovery Channel on the “Top Tips for Going Green at Work”:

Top Tips for Going Green at Work

Take the Lead at Lunch: Each day, you can bring your own healthy, plant-based lunch in a reusable container and? most importantly? let your colleagues know why you do so. Reducing consumption, waste, and unhealthy eating habits? Sounds delicious to us.

Co-Workers as Co-Commuters: Traffic, road rage, gas prices, and the resultant Eco-damage of the car culture make this a no-brainer. Team up with your work pals to initiate greener methods of getting to and from your gig. Whether it be carpooling, public transportation, biking, or walking, it's a great way to green your job and create a sense of community and collective action.

Eco-Fashion: Take "casual Fridays" to a new level. Encourage your staff to look into used clothes, clothing swaps, and an earth-friendly wardrobe made from organic fibers, hemp, etc. No more dry cleaning, no more pinstriped pressure because what you wear is a walking advertisement for everyone you meet.

Did You Know?

  • If every UK office worker used one less staple a day, 120 tons of steel would be saved 
  • Women comprised 47% of the total U.S. labor force in 2018 
  • The U.S. economy has created more than 750,000 green jobs. Roughly 85% are located in metropolitan areas